Marketing, sales, service and customer management – digital and off-line

Developing new marketing strategies

Improving customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, value, experience and satisfaction

Developing customer insight and turning it into action, via improved analysis and strategy and stronger communication, using story-telling, copy-writing, editing and presentation techniques

Producing and editing material to explain propositions, products and services to media, customers and internal stakeholders, including thought leadership material

Training, coaching and mentoring managers and students

Training in all areas of marketing, selling (from key accounts to new business) and customer service

Customer-focused leadership development

Helping students with their learning and assignments, from school to undergraduate and postgraduate level

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I draw my strength as a trainer, teacher, consultant and expert from many sources, including:

  • My big contact network of business people/academics, based on mutual advice and help
  • My research, which gives me access to in-depth thinking and evidence of good practice, and which supports all my work, from consulting to tuition
  • My experience as a marketing, sales and service trainer, communicator, thinker and writer, covering thousands of days training and educating, presenting at hundreds of conferences and writing tens of books and hundreds of articles, giving me the ability to express ideas concisely and help managers and students understand them and relate them to their work
  • My work as an academic, which keeps me up to date with management concepts. I am on the editorial advisory boards of several academic journals a Visiting Professor at two universities
  • My work in economics (the subject of my first degree and doctorate), which provides the disciplinary basis for my analytical work
  • My ability to move complex work ahead, identifying the main issues and ensuring that the whole team understands them. I absorb information quickly and turn work round rapidly.