Teaching, coaching and mentoring students

After many years of working in industry and higher education, I am now focusing 100% on my private educational work, in which I help students with their learning and assignments, coach and mentor them, at all levels, from school to undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I also help parents decide what tuition to get for their children, and how.

I advise on which universities are good and which ones are right for students at all levels.

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The quality of my work comes from:

  • My experience as a tutor, teacher and lecturer, at all levels from GCSE to doctoral
  • My work as a management trainer, communicator, thinker and writer, covering thousands of days training and educating, presenting at hundreds of conferences and writing tens of books and hundreds of articles, giving me the ability to express ideas concisely and help students understand them and relate them to their work
  • My research, which gives me access to in-depth thinking and evidence of good practice, and which supports all my work, from consulting to tuition
  • My work as an academic researcher, which keeps me up to date with management concepts. I am on the editorial advisory boards of several academic journals a Visiting Professor at two universities