Have you been spending hours, weeks or even months on coursework, an assignment or dissertation, without getting much help from your university or school? Are you unsure how your work will be assessed? Do you find it hard to get meetings with teachers, tutors or lecturers to discuss your work? If so, join the club! Many students invest lots of time and sometimes money in their education. but the service they get from schools and universities is not always up to scratch, particularly when it comes to advice, commenting on work, tutoring, mentoring and supervision.

I give strong, ethical support to students in many subjects. I don’t write work for students, but I do everything short of that, including

  • Tutoring
  • Preparation for exams
  • Detailed comments and guidance on coursework, assignments, projects, dissertations and theses
  • Advice on choice of subject, course, school and university
  • Preparation of applications to schools and universities and research proposals for universities

I tutor a wide range of GCSE subjects – Maths, Economics, Business Studies, English Language and English Literature, French, Spanish, Geography and History. I also help younger students for earlier stages, particularly with Maths and English. At A Level or University Foundation level, I specialise in Economics and Business Studies, while for university undergraduates and postgraduates I focus on Business and Management.

I am very strong at helping students for whom English is not a first language, including students for whom English is a “nearly first” language, because they have been educated very well in English but need help with perfecting it, whether written or spoken. For these students, I also offer English conversation and writing/editing classes, in which I teach students how to express themselves better in English.

My rates are £40/hour for English classes, £50/hour for GCSE and 6th form entry, £60/hour for A Level and £70/hour for university and professional tutoring.

These days I do all of my tutoring online, using Zoom, Skype or Teams. I teach students all over the world, I will return to face-to-face tutoring for local students when the time is right!

E-mail me on merlin@merlin-stone.com to check if I can help.